UGears model building kits are a tool-free and fun way to create gear-spinning models that move!

New to wooden model building? This UGears Starter Pack makes building an engaging hands-on experience!

Geared towards older children and adults, each of these models is pieced together from flat, laser-cut plywood parts.

You won't need glue to assemble them, and the finished products have parts that move too, to set them all in motion!

We've chosen a selection of five UGears models from the easier end of the scale (with shorter duration builds) to kick start your new hobby.

You shouldn't need a masters degree in engineering with these easier builds, but they will help you to hone your hobby skills!

Here's what's included:

  • UGears Tribka Trinkets - A set of 4 miniature models with 6-7 easy-to-assemble parts (a cat, tractor, head and heart).
  • UGears Flexi Cubus Mechanical Model Kit - Piece together an octasphere puzzle cube made out of 8 joint-connected spheres that move and roll over one another to create different geometrical shapes!
  • UGears Date Navigator - This cool mechanical calendar has a beautiful planetary mechanism that helps you to identify the day of the week for any date between 2017 and 2044!
  • UGears Steampunk Clock - This miniature imitation of an analog clock has a delicate carved body and beautiful lace-like design.
  • UGears Wheel Organiser Pen Holder - Build your own kinetic storage device for your pens. Give the wheel a spin to set your holder in motion!

This unique starter pack is a great way to get acquainted with the UGears range of designs.

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

UGears Starter Pack Reviews

Overall, awesome!

By: Caitlin on 13 August 2021
I ordered the Ugears Starter Pack, arrived super quick and was packed very well. All arrived in perfect condition and I’m excited to get started and then come back here and buy more Cool Things

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