Pug Gift Box

Pug Gift Box
Pug Gift Box Closed LidPug Gift Box Inside
For Pug Fans All Over Australia!
  • Choc-a-block Full of Cool Pug Goodies
  • Themed With The Marvellous Breed You Love
  • Pugness Guaranteed!
  •
For Pug Fans All Over Australia!

For Pug fans, all over Australia. Introducing the Pug Gift Box exclusive to CoolThings Australia!

This gift box is choc-a-block full of cool Pug related goodies of all sorts.

You get a whole bunch of different gifts all themed with the marvellous breed you love to love.

Please Note: Product shown in images & video may be substituted for other Pug gifts if stocks run out.

This Pug Gift Box comes with a 100% PUG LOVE Guarantee, which means your Pug fan is guaranteed to love their Pug Gift Box or you can return it for a full refund.


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