Pug Stressball

Pug Stressball Packaging
Pug Stressball
Give a pug some hands-on love!
  • It's time to squeeze your way to happiness
  • Shaped just like a super cute squeezy pug
  • It's the perfect way to relieve tension!
  •
Give a pug some hands-on love!

It's the perfect companion for your office desk, or a cute, squidgy present for your busy, pug-loving friends!

Stuck in a traffic jam and running late for a meeting? Or maybe your children are driving you barking mad when you're trying to cook. Whatever the situation, this little pug is always on hand to help when you're feeling stressed. He's sure to love you back in life's more testing moments!

Made from 100% flexible rubber, this ridiculously cute little doggy will go with you wherever you roam. So don't get agitated, get a grip!

Approximate Dimensions: 7cm x 7cm


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