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A few weekends back I was involved in something that for a long time I’ve kept hidden. It's a part of my personal story that I really haven’t shared with many people until now.

Why am I sharing it now? Because a good friend of mine told me that it was an encouraging story so here it goes..

My name is Peter, I’m the guy who started CoolThings Australia over 14 years ago.

Last weekend a group of kids went on camp for a couple of days and each of them were paired up with "a big buddy". I was one of the big buddies…

We played games with our little buddy. Did cool activities. Ate great food and generally talked a lot.

In fact there was a lot of talking… With some of the kids it was like the play button had been stuck on and the pause & stop button disabled.

What was the point of all this, the camp and pairing up a little buddy with a big buddy?

These kids all came from hard and sometimes unstable family circumstances. Some of them don’t get the opportunity to have a good meal each day, have a good talk with someone who will listen without judgement.

Sometimes they’d rarely even receive anything on their birthday.

Ever since starting CoolThings Australia my BIG personal reason for doing what I do has been to help solve real problems like this in world.

Especially when the problem can be seen to been generational.

Parent passes it onto Parent who passes it on to their son or daughter. Kids learn that the way to get by in this world is to take as much as you can out of it.

If kids are the future then something needed to be done to show these forgotten ones that live right in our neighbourhood that they are loved and that they matter.

You might have seen a bit about us as you’ve been surfing around online and you've probably seen that our purpose in business is to help YOU be the coolest gift giver.

Everything we do flows from that purpose. From what we choose as gifts on our website to how we test things to the extra services we give like our funky gift wrapping.

That’s our business purpose, however CoolThings Australia is more than simply making a profit.

The TRUTH is that yes the profit we do make goes into paying our team, paying bills like rent and whatever.

However my personal reason behind WHY I personally do what I do has ALWAYS been to flow finance into causes I'm personally connected to. Locally, nationally and around the world.

The kid’s camp I’ve mentioned is one of those awesome things that I’m passionate about on the local scene, and is something we’ve supported though CoolThings Australia for years now.

It’s making a real difference in the lives of these kids when they see & experience people who care, want to listen to them and that they have a way that they can actually contribute to the world with the gifts and talents that they’ve be given.

The photo you see attached to this post is of a bonfire we had on the Saturday night cause campfires are in the Aussie blood!

It’s amazing what comes from sitting around, toasting marshmallows, maybe singing a song or too or just chatting about stuff.

At the beginning of this I told you that this is the personal WHY story that I really haven’t shared with many people, well now you know..

“But one of the things I learned is that when you fight for something you believe in and you tell the truth and you do your best, you can always hold your head up high and no one can take that away from you.” - Vanessa Kerry

Join us on this crazy journey to change things that need changing and make our world a better place. That’s what you’re doing when you choose to do your shopping with CoolThings Australia.

Thanks for reading!

May the coolness be with you.

Founder & Giftologist
CoolThings Australia

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