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A wonderful experience

I was looking around for a decent music box for my girlfriend, and CoolThings came up. I didn't make the purchase initially because the items were not cheap. Until about 10 days before Christmas, I noticed things on my Wishlist have sold out, I quickly paid for my order. I knew the music box would be of excellent quality as I have viewed the video demonstration provided. What really set this experience apart from others was that the team sent out an email containing an image of the actual package that they wanted me to look out for. That was truly something I have never experienced before, and it added just that much personal touch to the whole experience. The music box arrived shortly in perfect packaging with strong protection (music box has a tailored packaging and was then put inside a bigger box filled with foam protection). Overall, the experience of shopping with CoolThings has been wonderful and worth my money. All the best to these guys!
Sent In By: on 11 January 2019

Venice musical box

Running out of time before Christmas I found the perfect music box for my daughter. Ordered it and hope for the best. Within hours I got an email with a photo of the package and to look out for it in the mail. By the following day it already arrived. And the music box is perfect! Very nice.
Sent In By: on 8 January 2019

Office Gifts

Bought some awesome gifts for my team at work. Still laughing with them. They changed the whole vibe in the office at a stressful and very busy time of the year!!!
Sent In By: on 6 January 2019

Welcome To CoolThings Australia


Hi, Peter here and I'd love to personally welcome you to CoolThings Australia!

Our mission is to Help You Be the Coolest Gift Giver in your family and circle of friends.

For over 14 years we’ve being helping people become the Coolest Gift Giver by seeking out the coolest gifts from around the world, testing them for their coolness status and then making it super easy and fast for you to gift these gifts to friends and family

Gift giving is a lot of fun, especially because it can simply be out of the blue. We can show someone how we feel about them on their birthday and at Christmas and it’s also awesome when a gift is unexpected.

And that’s a big part of why we love doing what we do, finding CoolThings and helping people share what the people around them mean to them.

Our goal is...[Read More]

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