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Australia’s National Science Week is our annual celebration of technology and science and thousands of individuals - from students of all grades, to scientists, chefs, musicians.

All sorts of Aussies get involved, it doesn’t matter what background you come from, you can take part in more than 1000 awesome science events across our nation.

Science Week is designed for everyone. It’s definitely not limited to schools and universities; you’ll find events and activities and talks and shows for every age group.

It also aims to encourage a general interest in science and to encourage younger people to be in awe of the world we live in.

Running each year in August, you’ll find great activities being delivered by at lot of universities, schools, research institutions, libraries, museums and science centres.

This year in 2019 science week runs between the 10th to the 18th of August, you can search for events in your area here:

Destination Moon: more missions, more science is the theme for schools during National Science Week in 2019. This theme is an excellent way for teachers and their students to re-discover previous missions to the Moon and past space programs that have solved some of the most seemingly unsolvable problems relating to space programs, operations and missions.

For a fun treat during your event try some of our Astronaut Icecream. It may not have really gone to space but its a yummy treat all the same.

Here's to fun, experimentation and all things cool science!


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