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A few days ago I received a call from a pretty frantic sounding lady, I could hear Gail was beside herself. Over the next few minutes I listened all about how Gail was promised heaven but what she actually got was HELL.


Gail had searched high and low all over the internet for a gift for her daughters 16th (a very hard age to buy for)

She finally found it, the perfect gift… Something her daughter would love.

Gail then hit the price-comparison sites to find the best deal and found a website that was over 20% cheaper than all the others (including us) and they also offered free shipping. Gail did say she was worried about the shipping time, because her daughter’s birthday was in 7 days’ time. (Yes, she also admitted to me she left this all a bit too late…)

The order was placed, and a comment was added to the order asking about the order’s delivery time because of her daughter’s birthday was in 7 days’ time.


Gail waited an hour (this was in the middle of the day during the week) but got no confirmation of her order. She spent the next 20 minutes searching around the company’s website for contact details but couldn’t find them, she ended up having to use one of those dreaded “contact us” forms that you never know if they get read or not. She left her email address and sent in the form.

More silence, followed by silence… Now there were 3 days to go to her Daughter’s birthday...


Gail finally got an email saying “Sorry, the item(s) you purchased are not available, we will have to refund you”

I really felt sorry for Gail because I’ve heard so many variations of her story over the years.... People who are promised the world can be a “cheaper” place then let down at the last minute with nothing they can do about it…

What most infuriated Gail was that they didn’t even try to suggest something else, they offered no reason why it said it was available on their website when it actually wasn’t. The overall tone of the email was “WE DON’T CARE” even though they knew because of her order comments that it was a special gift for her daughter.

Sometimes cheaper can cost you more in time, energy, headspace and your life!

So it was mid-afternoon with 3 days to go to Gail’s daughter’s birthday, there were a couple of places that Gail tried to go to get the gift that she was after but she had no success because the same day dispatch time had passed which she really needed to get her gift on time because she lived in a regional area.

Gail was honest with me that we were down the bottom of the list because we were slightly more expensive.

I completely understand that, I mentioned what we’re all about here at CoolThings Australia. Our purpose is all about helping people like her be the coolest gift giver. That's our number 1 mission, goal, purpose, reason for being. And we do that with everything that is within us, and that’s why we are sometimes more expensive than others.


Here’s what I did for Gail, even though it was past the same day dispatch time we organised her order and got it out to her express that same day. We do this for our customers every week, we do this because we’re real and our our products pass though real human hands every step of the way from selecting them, testing them, warehousing them, picking orders to gift wrapping and packing and delivery.

There are no mass conveyer belt Amazon like robot automation systems at CoolThings Australia.

Yes, Gail did spend a little more on the order but two days later she got her package and her daughter loved the gift she had picked out.

The next time you need something fast, customised, want someone who genuinely cares that you get the gifts you’ve picked out (because you know they’ll love them) then please reach out to me and my team at CoolThings Australia.

Call us on the phone: 03 6334 4022 (we’re around during the day Monday to Friday) or browse all the most popular gifts here and you're sure to find something cool.

Looking forward to helping you be the coolest gift giver,

Founder & Giftologist - CoolThings Australia

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