Kids love to experiment with food dye and colour mixing. It's so much fun to see what colours they can create!

The KidzLabs Colour Lab Mixer kit by 4m allows your little ones to have some hands-on fun with creative colour-filled activities using light and liquid.

Introduce your kids to basic colour theory with 18 fun projects that will amaze their friends and family, from creating an ice rainbow to creating fireworks in water!

You can conduct water tricks with colour to hide gold coins, or create your very own beautiful dye flowers using the included tissue paper to soak up the coloured dyes!

Or why not try your hand at creating a Float and Sink Colour Tower using food dye and objects with different densities to float among the liquid layers!

It's the perfect way to get mini scientists engaged with colour as they create new, unexplored shades by combining two or more different colours. It's simply magical!

Your kit includes: 

  • 3 food dye tablets, 3 test tubes with caps, 1 test tube rack and 1 dropper
  • 1 spoon, 1 container, 1 colour mixing tray and 3 squeeze bottles
  • 1 packet of tissues paper, 1 colour pattern card and 1 packet of glitter
  • A detailed instructions booklet with steps for each experiment

Also required but not included (mostly from the kitchen):

  • Water, pepper, dishwashing liquid, baking soda and vinegar
  • Milk, honey, popcorn kernels, toothpicks, cooking oil and ice
  • A plate, a tablespoon, a metal bolt, a stapler, a flower and plastic beads.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.


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