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We’ve all been there when a child laments that he or she has absolutely nothing to do. Despite being surrounded by playthings, household chores, and the great outdoors, every parent and caregiver has heard these two words at least once:

“I’m bored!”

Our knee-jerk reaction is to entertain our kids. We feel compelled to drop everything we’re doing and make their boredom our problem. But research has shown that boredom is actually good for children, allowing them to tap into their creativity, build confidence, and learn how to listen to themselves. 

With that said, this doesn’t mean that parents and caregivers can’t provide direction to children who think they have nothing to do. When armed with the right creative and inspiring educational tools, kids can alleviate their boredom while learning important educational and life lessons along the way.

For The STEM Kids

There are so many opportunities for kids to engaging in coding activities today.

Parents and caregivers can easily find an array of both free and paid websites which allow children of various abilities and levels to create simple to elaborate games both they and their friends will enjoy.

At Cool Things Australia, we take things up a notch with our 5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot.

Without the use of a computer or an app, kids learn how to code using a unique coding wheel” which determine the robot’s actions and movements. Our robot can kick, grip, throw and lift – all without the need of a screen!

For The Science Kids

Get ahead of your kids’ boredom this year with our Mini Science Fun 10 Pack

We make it easy for your kids to enjoy a variety of fun and educational scientific experiments, including Micro Prop Top packs, Jellyfish Divers, and UFO Balloons.

Our kit comes with more than one of each type of experiment so kids can work together or separately on the same project.

For The Musically Inclined

If you have a child who loves to build and who has a passion for music, our Robotime Steampunk DIY Music Box Orpheus kit is perfect for the youngster in your life.

Gorgeously designed, this adorable robot not only has working cogs and wheels – it lights up and can play a cheery tune (“Cycle of Happiness”).

It’s a gift that your child will be sure to hold on to as a precious keepsake for the next several years to come.


It’s time we stop associating “boredom” with “bad”. Instead why not encourage your children experiment, explore, and get excited with these fun kits from Cool Things Australia.

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