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The holidays are loaded with many traditions, both cultural and familial. But one which can be found in many households around the world is the tradition of hanging up the Christmas stocking.

The ancient tradition of the Christmas stocking is not well documented but is believed to originate from around 280 A.D. when a nobleman named Nicholas was born. A devout follower of Jesus Christ, Nicholas never married or had children. Under the veil of night, the affluent Nicholas would take gifts to the homes of children, though he would tell the children they had to be asleep to receive a present.

Legend has it that a once-wealthy man and his daughters residing in the town had suddenly found themselves poor. Nicholas is said to have thrown three bags filled with gold coins down the chimney of the home. The bags landed right in the girls’ stockings which were hung on the fireplace’s mantle to dry. Upon hearing the story, the residents of the town also began hanging up stockings in hopes of receiving the same great fortune.

Stockings present a unique opportunity to have a bit of fun and be a bit more creative with your gift-giving. Fortunately, we here at Cool Things Australia have loads of perfect stocking stuffers for the kids, teens, and adults in your life.

Add a Bounce to their Step

One of our favourite stocking stuffers for kids (and the young at heart) is our super fun Hi Bounce Ball Kit. In each kit, you’ll find two moulds and four powder sachets so the recipient of this awesome gift can create more than one brilliantly coloured super bouncy ball!

The Next Level Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners may have gone by the wayside. But our Gyrings are in high demand!

Crafted by a 12-year-old with ADHD, Gyrings is the OG of fidget spinners and is the perfect gift for people who have difficulties staying focused, relaxed and calm.

Gyrings allows the user to spin four independent coloured plastic rings in a multitude ways around a smooth centralised ball. It’s a high-quality gift which has been proven not to wear or fade!

For the Genius In Your Life

Know someone who loves a good puzzle and who is a bit of a maths whiz? Be sure to include our Mensa Sudoku Cube in their stocking this Christmas.

Created by the team at MENSA, this top-rated Rubix-style cube takes this popular mathematics game to the next level.

Rather than having coloured squares, this cube features numbers so users need to twist and turn the cube in order to solve each of the six Sudoku puzzles!

Need more ideas and inspiration? Be sure to browse our fun-filled holiday gift-giving online catalogue!

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