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BREAKING NEWS: True origin of Unicorns revealed!

This morning, April 1st 2020 Tasmanian online retailer CoolThings Australia has revealed publicly a secret they’ve been holding onto for over a year.

The origin of Unicorns has largely been unknown until now. Whilst travelling in the Tasmanian highlands a secret section of land was discovered containing a herd of Unicorns.

After several days of conversation with the lead Unicorn named “Sudar” it was discovered that all the Unicorns around the world originated from Tasmania.

When asked for the reason why they are releasing this information now CoolThings Australia Gift-olo-gist Peter said “With so many people no longer believing in Unicorns anymore we found it was taking its toll on the larger Unicorn population.”

It now understood that “unicorn belief” is intrinsically connected to the overall health of the Unicorns.

On behalf of the Tasmanian Unicorn population and the larger worldwide Unicorn population CoolThings Australia recommends sharing your beliefs, photos and Unicorn stories.

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