Three Unusual Ideas for Your Next Event or Party

by Peter Harback  ■  Updated: December 18, 2020

Three Unusual Ideas for Your Next Event or Party main image

Sometimes all it takes is an out of the box idea that someone might think is a little strange and you get yourself an event that everyone can’t stop taking about.

Light Up Beach Balls on WaterOne of our awesome customers Events NQ who are the top notch Event & Party Hire experts in Queensland recently were tasked with transforming a large expanse of water into something cool.

They chose a whole bunch of Light up beach balls for the effect and really got that wow factor.

Some were lit up white, some blue and some were green and they just simply floated along in the water throughout the night.

The look was spectacular and everyone loved it.

So it doesn’t take much to make your Event or Party awesome, just a bit of forward planning and thinking outside the box.

If you’re involving in planning an event that coming up soon, maybe a Christmas party, birthday or even a retirement celebration then here’s three out of the box ideas to help you ramp it up and make your event the one everyone raves about.


How to Create the Coolest Chill Out & Create Zone


Light Stax Unlimited

Here's how to create the coolest chill out and create zone for your party event. Get yourself a bunch of these Light Stax LED Building Blocks Unlimited .

Light Stax are a set of extraordinary LED building blocks that light up when connected to a power base, or when connected either directly or indirectly, to other blocks that are lit through a power base when stacked together!

Given enough time, you can build an entire structure that shines in the night like a brightly coloured star! This Unlimited Kit contains 102 brightly coloured LED blocks that can be snapped together in a number of different ways, with the possibilities expanding with each new block that is added to the construction process.

Pop them in a darkened corner with some cushions and rugs and watch the magic happen as people play with building structures and characters. A brilliant way to aid cognitive development and boost one's creativity and imagination, loved by kids and adults alike!

These settings include solid light, flashing, fading and auto-off after 15 minutes, powered by transference from the base by 3 x AAA batteries or USB (included), so there are no hazardous wires or connectors.


How to Have a Fun Intermission or Break Time at Your Event


 Large Inflatable LED Ball

With these cool inflatable balls with LED lights inside everyone will be jumping up to bounce them around.

They are also awesome used as hangers from the ceiling.

Measuring a cool 45 cm in diameter, each inflatable ball contains an assortment of red, blue and green LED's for a fabulous colour morphing light show!

Visit here and order 10 or more for bulk special price.


A Table Centre Piece like No Other.


Light Bulb Tealight

Many years ago, the prolific inventor Thomas Edison devised the wonderful creation that is a light bulb.

And now, almost 135 years later, the light bulb has been reinvented as this decorative, flameless tea light holder for event table decoration!

Shaped just like a standard Edison Screw light bulb with clear glass, you can unscrew the base and turn on the included battery-operated tea light candle inside the globe to create a beautiful, soft glowing atmosphere for your tables.

Special pricing available for 10 or more Light Bulb Tealights here.

These cool Light Bulb Tealights are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Need help with your event or party?

If you need help with your up and coming event or party and want it to have a WOW factor then please give the CoolThings Australia team a call on 03 6334 4022.