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Here’s the truth about shopping online...


When everything goes well, it’s a great experience.

So seamless even a baby could do it.

You rave about how much you time you saved VS having to drive all the way to a shopping centre.

You’re proud to say to your friends “Oh, I got this online and it was so easy”


BUT... When it online shopping doesn’t go well it’s a real NIGHTMARE.


You pull your hair out... Its stressful, you get angry and your hopes and expectations of an easy process is SHATTERED like a huge rock smashing into the windscreen of your soul.

You try and get help but no-one from the online shop you just spent money with seems to care.


The most satisfied and successful online shoppers bypass this extremely frustrating chain of events by simply shopping with retailers who:

  • Have people who know their products inside and out. 
  • Haven't hired some some third party cheap chat support company to do customer support.
  • Are available to answer any questions you have either in email or on the phone (yes, they actually have a phone number you can call)
  • Have a real story behind why their business exists rather that a “make as much money for the shareholders” kind of deal going on.
  • Always are the first to contact you if there is a delay or something that might be unexpected going on with your purchase.

If you do that, you will often get great results when shopping online without experiencing the brain strain that’s caused by thinking “I wonder if I’m gonna have a problem with this purchase…?”

Comment below with your shopping experience stories, we'd love to hear them.


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