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CoolThings Australia is excited to support the Super Heroes Camps each year which is organised and run by a local team of cool people from the Door of Hope Christian Church.

The Super Heroes Camps have been running since 2001 and are well known in the Launceston community for the difference they make in the lives of children and families from Launceston, Tasmania who are experiencing tough family circumstances.
All of the children that come to camp have experienced life touched by things such as grief through the loss of a parent/s, alcoholism, drug dependency, long term unemployment and other difficult situations.

Some children arrive for camp with minimal personal items, so they are provided with toiletries and a handmade blanket. The Super Heroes camp team are enormously grateful to those who help with the supply of these items.

At Super Heroes Camps each child is allocated a leader who becomes their ‘big buddy’. This role while on camp is to serve as their primary caregiver but is often extended past camp as a valuable friend and support to the child and their family.

Campers participate in fun activities such as outdoor games and challenges, and indoor music and craft.

The camp program includes three devotional times, and a simple church service, to introduce the idea that there is a God who loves me and wants to be my friend. The ‘big buddies’ are also ready to answer any questions the children may have, but do not initiate or force conversations about faith. 

The Super Heroes Camp concludes with a Sunday afternoon party to which the families are invited- an opportunity to connect with the families and discover other ways in which they can be support and encouraged. The Super Heroes team have been delighted over the years to see the difference this event makes to whole families as they receive the support of a caring community. 

For more information on the Camp, how you can get involved or how you can support this event please feel welcome to get in contact with:

Toby & Esme Clarke
Super Heroes Camp Coordinator
(03) 6344 8450


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