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It happened again.

My daughter came to me a said “its Molly’s birthday tomorrow, and I really want to give her a present”.

Molly is my daughters best friend and yes I admit I didn't know what date Molly's birthday was.

Life is super busy. It seems we’re out every other night at one thing or another.

Between my daughter and my son theres a combination of dancing, sports and after school programs.

By the time we’re home its like “phew, time to sit down...”

So back to the story of Mollys present.

Yes, I could get in the car and drive for a while to find a 24 hour service station or whatever. Which is actually what i had to end up doing. We ended up finding some weird plush toy that my daughter really wasn't sure about (because that was all they had)

The day arrived and Molly got the gift we managed to find. I guess you could say the response was less than stellar which made my daughter sad.

I realised that i was never ever ever going to get caught out like this again.

Which is how i came up with my idea of “Mums Present Cupboard” a name that my kids love.

The present cupboard is the place where I stash a bunch of gifts and goodies suitable for boys & girls. Plus some prezzies for grown ups too.

From that day forward when I've missed a date or life has gotten a bit full on I know that I've got my present cupboard to rely on.

I hope this helps you too.

Mum of two full on active kids 

P.S. Seriously the present cupboard idea removes a lot of a stress from your life. A great place to start might be here. 

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