CoolThings Australia is excited to announce the newest and most innovative piece of technology since the iPhone, it's called MindCast™

MindCast™ is revolutionary, solving the age old problem of how we explain in words the ideas we have inside our heads. If you've ever heard of the Google chromecast its similar... only MindCast™ is for your mind.

Parents, you finally can show your kids EXACTLY what it means when you say "clean your room" or "tidy up the backyard"

You simply place the wireless head mount system on your face, there's no messy wires to deal with. Pop the included HDMI adapter into any type of supported screen you have available, after a three step one time only calibration you'll never need to do in depth explanations again.

Never again will you have to wonder if they really understood what you meant!

MindCast™ was built for Parents, however also has far reaching applications for creative's, business and also means you no longer need to be bi-lingual when communicating with people from other language groups.

You simply think of the idea you need to express and it will be visually displayed on screen for your intended recipient.

The wireless head mount system also features a built-in sensor that detects hand motions, with one swipe left of the hand you can save the current picture and have it automatically sent to any device, so you have a complete record of the picture for proof in future discussions.

MindCast™ CPU chip

MindCast™ CPU

The special MindCast™ CPU chip powers the technology, a formula mix of hybrid Silicon/Unobtainium combined with elegant programming.

CoolThings Australia have been developing the MindCast™ technology for several months now and having gone through extensive in-house human testing would love your help with further testing, please like and share this video for a chance to win one of 5 prototypes.

We're super excited to share this revolutionary product with you and hope you'll love the potential for MindCast™ as much as we do.

Mindcast™ - See what's inside your brain visualised on screen.

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