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Shared experiences are important. They help us build connections and remind us that we’re not alone. They can also give us confidence, improve our emotional resilience, and provide opportunities to learn and grow.

The rapid rise of parenting blogs is evidence of this, with large numbers of mothers coming online to share their stories and seek advice. While there have been some negative experiences (bullying or “Mum shaming”), many women have benefited from the support of the blogging community.

This is particularly true for parents of children with special needs. For many of these mothers, blogging is about more than creating a connection – it’s an opportunity to educate others on their child’s condition.

We see this in the growing number of mothers writing about their experience raising kids with autism. In addition to chronicling the trials and tribulations of day-to-day parenting, many of these blogs highlight the humanity of children who are on the spectrum.

We believe it’s important for everyone to hear these stories and want to celebrate the women who are telling them.

Here are our four favourite Australian blogs on raising kids with autism.

1. Michael’s Mum

Everything was going to plan for Julia – she’d finished her law degree and landed a lucrative career, she’d married a wonderful man just before her 25th birthday and fallen pregnant on their honeymoon, she’d given birth to a beautiful baby boy and signed him up for daycare and a selective elite private school. Then, things started to unravel…

“Michael’s Mum” is an extremely honest account of how an autism diagnosis changes many lives, and often for the better. From her first suspicion that there was something “unusual” about Mikie, to her new career as an ABA therapist and autism researcher, Julia recounts how being Michael’s Mum has led her (not entirely voluntarily) to a more “useful” life.


2. My Three Aspies

Robyn Campbell is a writer, photographer, and children’s disability advocate. She’s also mother to three boys with what she refers to as AAAAAH – Autism, Asthma, Allergies, Asperger’s, ADHD, and Hope.

My Three Aspies is a humorous look at everything from travelling with three young boys, to the magical powers of Lego, to Robyn’s “favourite aspies”. It tells the story of a loving family who has learned to work together to overcome the challenges of diagnosis, therapy, and everyday life. It also highlights the importance of hope and how an autism diagnosis does not define a child – it just helps the rest of us understand how they see the world.


3. Love, tears & autism

Cecily Paterson always wanted to be a writer – being an author was her childhood dream. Her blog, originally called “Autism. Mostly.”, is a clear testament to her passion for language and storytelling.

“Love, tears & autism” is a beautifully written love letter to her son, who she affectionately refers to as “Bright Eyes”. It chronicles an 8-year journey, from preschool to graduating primary school, celebrating the successes, and recounting the lessons learned. It also reflects on Bright Eyes’ earliest years, exploring the questions every parent asks themselves.

Although this blog is now closed – and has turned into a book – all of the posts can still be viewed on Cecily’s website.


4. My Diffability Australia

While technically not a mother’s blog, “My Diffability Australia” is an important read for all mothers. Written by a speech pathologist (Renee) and an occupational therapist (Tarryn), it provides professional tips on teaching kids with special needs. As it’s affiliated with Renee and Tarryn’s business, the blog also includes advice on everything from choosing toys to interacting with the NDIS.


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