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Winter is back and with it comes the dreary wet weather, extensive cloud cover, and bone-chilling winds. Most of us want nothing more than to shut ourselves indoors with a cup of tea or coffee while sitting in front of Netflix, but there will come a time when you will need to venture outdoors.

Not to worry – CoolThings Australia has got you covered with some unique pieces that are sure to keep you or your mate comfortable no matter what wintry conditions you find yourself in.

Stay Warm And Look Cool

Australia’s winter weather can vary quite a bit from region to region and even from hour to hour. The best strategy to take when dressing for the outdoors is to dress in layers.

It all starts with a great pair of socks. Science has proven that keeping our feet warm goes a long way in maintaining the core temperature of our bodies (known as “thermoregulation”).

Show off your personality and share your interests with a pair of novelty socks from CoolThings Australia!

You'll find a pair for everyone, including book lovers, super sloth fans, super dads, and mathematical geniuses. Our company even carries a variety of socks for toddlers and kids!

Another wintry essential for keeping warm when out in frigid temperatures is the scarf.

Scarves protect our necks from the brisk winter air, and they create a warming air pocket that helps keep our upper bodies nice and toasty.

We have the popular Doctor Who Tardis Scarf, though for those die-hard Doctor Who fans, we recommend our 5 star rated 4th Doctor 12-Foot Scarf!

Stay Dry When Venturing Outside

Sleet, rain, and an occasional bout of snow can give even the best-layered person the chills.

Stay dry this winter with an umbrella that will have everyone talking.

One of our favourites for fellow Whovians is the Doctor Who Tardis Umbrella.

We also have a selection of Star Wars lightsaber umbrellas featuring Anakin or Darth Vader prints that are sure to have strangers stopping you on the street asking about where you got it from.

Stay Cosy - Stay Inside

Forget the “great outdoors”!

Wrap yourself up in one of our plush fleece bathrobes (there is a variety available including Captain America, Superman, The Flash, and Harry Potter-inspired robes) and throw on a pair of plush dino or unicorn slippers to complete your look.

For more enviable winter gift ideas for friends, family, and yourself, check out our new winter gift ideas section.

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