Sloth's are always so happy! Why? Because they "live slow"... (and sleep about 23 hours every day)!

If you're always racing from one moment to the next, it's time to take it easy with this adorable Sloth 3D Mug!

He'll inspire you to take your time with his no rush, no fuss attitude - savour the moment!

It may seem easy to take it easy, but it's never easy! Look how happy this little guy is, scratching his head in slo-mo!

Hand wash only, not microwave safe or dishwasher safe.

Dimensions: 15.4cm cm x 9.7cm x 10.5cm


  Sloth 3D Mug Specifications

Barcode # 9318051131231
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.56kg

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