If you're a kid and love rocks, minerals and geology, you're sure to appreciate these unique space rocks!

These three pieces of natural glass are named Tektites from the Greek word "Tektos", which means molten.

Tektites are formed when terrestrial debris is ejected into space by meteorite impacts. Most of them are quite small.

This kit is an educational and informative starter pack that's great for classroom use, homeschooling or just a fun, inexpensive gift for anyone interested in Meteorites and Tektites!

Use them to start off a research project or display on space debris!

You will receive: 3 Tektites in a small, hinged perspex box. Each ranging in size from 1-2cm approximately.

Every one is unique and is guaranteed to amaze your friends and family! They truly are out of this world!

Recommended for ages 8 and up.


Tektites Reviews

Such a great lit

By: Amy on 3 October 2020
Such a great little something to add for your little ones who love space! My kids treasure them! Good size also.

Rocks rock

By: Mackenzie on 1 January 2019
My ex geologist partner loves them. Small but quirky, and just perfect for an adult stocking filler

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