Your little one is sure to adore this adorable Teddy Dream Light as it keeps them company at night!

Coming complete with a remote control and multiple settings, you can set your night light to fit in perfectly with your nursery and work to provide exactly what you need for your unique situation.

Set your light to cycle through a range of beautiful colours, or if you find it to distracting at night time, set it to stay on one particular colour of your choice, the colour that you find settles your little one the best.

You can also dim your light for reading before bed for the older ones, or for changing nappies and night time feeds. Why not use the automatic shut off too, so that your night light turns off once your child has fallen asleep.

It's the perfect versatile gift for kids, mums and new babies!


- A remote control to change colours and change the brightness (the brightest is enough to read by).
- A beautiful set of designer LED colours including a warm and cool white (13 colours in all).
- A dimmer function which controls the 4 levels of brightness.
- A sleep button that auto lowers the brightness to low levels perfect for sleeping.
- A timer which turns the night light off after a period of time.
- A rainbow button that gently cycles through all the colours.
- A side lamp button that activates pure white at it's brightest level.
- A 12 v power supply and safe, low voltage, low heat LED's that are long lasting and energy efficient

Stands 20cm high on its base.
Made from a resilient acrylic smart flat pack design.
Lit by power-efficient LED's (output varies from 0.1w - 0.5w depending on the colour and brightness).

  My Dream Light Teddy Specifications

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.53kg

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