This modern table lamp comes in the shape of an oversized light bulb featuring a stunning chrome base!

With a unique display of wire inside the glass bulb, your unique touch lamp casts a haphazard pattern on your bedroom or living room wall, designed to look just like an array of paper clips, unfolded and tangled together to create a stunning effect!

Coming complete with three touch settings, tap the base of your light once to turn it on, then tap it again to increase the brightness. With three taps you will reach the maximum brightness before turning your lamp off again before bed!

Dimensions: 27cm tall x 15cm wide.
Dimmable bulb only (no LED and energy saving globes).
Light bulb is not included (requires Max 40W Edison screw).
Plugs straight into a 240v wall socket.


  Light Bulb Touch Lamp Specifications

Barcode # 9342549006794
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 1.10kg

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