Build your very own Cybot Hydraulic Cyborg Hand and experience the fun of mechanics in the cyborg world!

Going above and beyond that of human limitations, your Cybot hand will simulate the movement of the human hand using an innovative hydraulic transmission system. Watch as every finger joint adjusts at different angles for a precisely closed fist or open palm!

Try your luck at using different grip techniques to hold different sized objects such as a marble or a bottle.

Suitable for both left and right handed use, your exciting, wearable device has the ability to switch thumb positions depending on preference. It's suitable for both kids and adults too thanks to it's unique, operation-friendly adjustable palm and finger lengths!

Challenge your Cybot Hand by trying a thumbs up or a friendly wave. You can even surprise your friends as you attempt to shake their hand!

Simply push and pull with your fingertips to activate the hydraulic transmission system to operate your lightweight, four-fingered device.

To assemble the 203 plastic pieces, you may need some objects from home:

  • Scissors, a fine marker, a cup and water, a small screwdriver and diagonal cutters.

Recommended for ages 10 and up. 


Cybot Hydraulic Cyborg Hand Reviews

I purchased this

By: Jenny on 21 September 2020
I purchased this as a gift for my grandson's birthday and to say it was a success would be an understatement. Its a little challenging for him and a source of great fun. A fabulous STEM product. Thanks again CoolThings!

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