Of all the possible 3D shapes in the world, exactly 5 stand apart from the rest!

These shapes are the four-sided tetrahedron, the six-sided cube or hexahedron, the eight-sided octahedron, the twelve-sided dodecahedron and the twenty-sided Icosahedron.

The aesthetic beauty and symmetry of these five platonic solids have made them a favourite with geometers for hundreds of years, as each face of an individual Platonic Solid are identical, and the number of sides that meet at each corner of that shape are the same.

For example, each face of a cube is exactly the same-sized square, and exactly three squares meet at each corner of the cube!

The other special quality of a Platonic Solid is that each has its own ƒ??dualƒ?�. A dual is where the faces and vertices of each shape are interchanged and you can create a new shape inside the Solid. Find out with this fantastic scientific kit!

Your Platonic Solids kit is slightly different from the rest of the Zometool range as it includes interlocking clear plastic panels that are used to build the duals inside the Zometool structures.

However, all Zometool kits are compatible with each other, so once you have one set, the possibilities are endless, further sets can be purchased separately and combined to make bigger and better models!

Recommended for ages 6 to adult.

  Zometool - Plato's Solids Specifications

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