You've seen the popular "My Family" stickers on the back window of your neighbour's car right? They'll have mum and dad, a child or two and couple or pets if you're lucky! So what does your family look like? A bit different from the rest?

Your fun range of Zombie Family Decals has been especially designed for you to create your very own "unique" sticker family of undead zombies. You're sure to get a laughs as your drive down the street!

With 9 crazy, living-dead vinyl stickers representing an entire zombie family, you can put your Zombie Family Decals on your car's back window, your kitchen window, or even on your letterbox! From Dad to Lil' Bitey, this cadaverous crew knows how to roll...

Families come in all shapes and sizes so it stands to reason that you would show your zombie familial pride with your shambling, brain-hungry stickers to suit the individuals in YOUR family!

There's 2 zombie adults, 2 zombie teenagers, 2 zombie children, 1 zombie dog, 1 zombie cat and zombie baby. The whole undead family stays together!

At just $12.95 for the set, you really have found yourself the gift.

Made of clear vinyl - make sure your car window is clean before applying your family.

Barcode # 094922816672
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.100kg

Zombie Family Decals Reviews

these are funny and look

By: Leah on 18 April 2012
these are funny and look different and good on the back window of the caR!!

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