Covered in vibrant graphics that will engage your child's imagination, Zip Bin play mats are a great way to store, play and travel with your child's favourite toys!

The Zip Bin Mansion looks like a holiday house and unzips to reveal 6 rooms and a fashion catwalk - any girl's dream!

Complete with swimming pool images on the lid's inside, why not give your dolls a glamourous new home?

The Zip Bin Mansion doubles as a carry bag, making it a simple and effective way to cart your child's toys around! And when they're done with their venture pack their accessories in the bottom, and zip the Mansion closed again! No more mess!

With surfaces made solely of Polypropylene, a tough and light-weight plastic that allows any mess to be wiped completely clean without hassle, the Zip Bin range is a dream come true for any parent!

Approximate dimensions while closed: 36cm x 46cm x 28cm.
Mat dimensions: 99cm x 89cm.

  Zip Bin - Mansion Specifications

Barcode # 858109001691
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 1.30kg

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