Put the pleasure back into the age old task of eliminating pesky flies and mosquitoes!

The ZAP-a-BUG will come to your rescue and give you the chance to become the super star tennis hero that you always dreamed you were!

Smash through a swarm of mozzies, or take a lob shot at a fast moving blow fly, however you wish to use it, it's bound to impress!

The ZAP-a-BUG Insect Terminator is a racket with 3 layers of mesh across it that is the ideal solution to getting rid of those pesky bugs. When the middle is activated, so is the electric charge, so when a fly or insect comes into contact with it, it'll be electrocuted!

Requiring 2 x AA batteries (not included), the ZAP-a-BUG is lightweight and easy to use, simply press the button and swat the insect ƒ?? and with a built-in light, you can even use it at night!

Safe to use, you won't be the one to receive a shock if you touch the ZAP-a-BUG, so it's perfect for swatters of all ages!

This is not a toy.
Measures 47cm in length.
The electronic ZAP-a-BUG is not dangerous to children, adults or pets.
Not to be used around combustibles, flammable gases or liquids. We recommend you keep the ZAP-a-BUG dry.

  ZAP-a-BUG Insect Terminator Specifications

Barcode # 9332844000191
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.40kg

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