World's Smallest Magic 8 Ball

World's Smallest Magic 8 Ball
It's fortune-telling fun!
  • Ask a question, turn over for the answer!
  • Giving positive, negative and neutral replies
  • It's the smallest version ever made!
  •
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It's fortune-telling fun!

This miniature Magic 8 Ball is the world's smallest version of the original novelty toy manufactured by Mattel.

Ask a yes or no question on any matter, and turn over your 8 Ball for one of ten answers to your most pressing questions!

Great for fun for kids and adults alike, get a humorous sneak peek into your future as your 8 Ball gives very accurate, inaccurate, or otherwise improbable answers about romance, friendships, work and finances.

Give the Mini Magic 8 Ball as a party favour, stocking filler or secret Santa gift!

Recommended for ages 8 and up.
Officially licensed Mattel merchandise.


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