At 5cm long and 2cm high, Raffi the wind up mouse lives in a tiny little house... A pair of sneakers!

Wind him up and watch him go as he takes a walk in his shoes!

Let's hear what Raffi has to say about the life he leads:

"I've got the best "ground's eye" view of Kingston. Cranking up my latest pair of sneaks and pumping up the reggae on my portable radio, I'm the coolest mouse in Jamaica. I wonder... in which shoe did I hide my cheese?"

Raffi is simple and easy to use, so if you're a collector of wind up toys, he'll will fit in to your collection just nicely!

Special offer: When you purchase 4 or more Z Wind Ups in one transaction, you'll receive a bonus one for free (design chosen at random).

No batteries required.
Recommended for ages 6 and up.

  Z Wind Ups - Raffi the Sneakers Specifications

Barcode # 678643401524
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.05kg

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