"Honey, Duke didn't eat any of his food again--this is the third night in a row," cries the frustrated wife to her confused husband. After all, it was the loving couple that was supposed to get all the benefits by teaching the family dog to do back flips and letting him perform at the local carnival, right? Duke had other ideas, however, and now he spends his days "performing" for the next-door neighbors from the comfort of his own backyard, after which he always earns a share of the tasty hamburgers and hot dogs that have just come off of their grill!

5cm long, Duke the Backflip Puppy is a brown canine Z Wind Up that is sure to impress all your friends.

A fast growing collectable that brings back the simplicity and innovation of toys, Z Wind Ups are made of see-through plastic so you can watch the intricate details as the toy performs.

Wind Duke up and watch him lean forward, jump up, do a back flip and then land on his feet!

So give this clever pup a home today, he's the perfect stocking filler for dog-lovers everywhere!

Special offer: When you purchase 4 or more Z Wind Ups in one transaction, you'll receive a bonus one for free (design chosen at random).

See if you can spot Duke in the video clip below!

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Brand SimplyCool
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Z Wind Ups - Duke the Backflip Puppy Reviews

Wind Up Duke the Backflip Puppy

By: Janet on 22 November 2011
Fantastic, it really does jump and the quality is VERY good and it's just damn cute!!

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