Bringing the simplicity back into toys, Z Wind Ups are innovative wind ups that you can watch come to life!

"Another day laying out in the sun--plenty to eat, nothing to do," moans poor Alex, on display in Florida's biggest 'gator park. Not even that sign hanging around his neck that reads "World's Biggest Alligator" can cheer up this melancholy reptile. "Alright," sighs Alex, "I guess I'll go for another swim."

Alex the Alligator is 10cm long from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. Wind him up and watch him swim around blinking his eyes, swishing his tail and snapping his long jaw!

Made of translucent plastic so you can see all the inside details of the toy as it performs, Alex the Alligator is the perfect gift for reptile-lovers of any age!

So make bath-time fun with Alex the Alligator!

Special offer: When you purchase 4 or more Z Wind Ups in one transaction, you'll receive a bonus one for free (design chosen at random).

  Z Wind Ups - Alex the Alligator Specifications

Barcode # 678643406277
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.05kg

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