Master magnetic forces to win this dynamic game of Yikerz!

A Mensa Select Winner for 2010, Yikerz is a game of magnet mayhem. Place your Yikerz pieces down on the board and try to avoid attracting the other pieces already played. The object is to get rid of all your pieces and if the Yikerz collapse together, those pieces are yours to add to your stack.

Including a convenient travel pouch so you can play Yikerz anywhere, anytime - the unique 4-piece game board allows for over 20 different configurations that create a variety of challenges!

Play solo, head-to-head, or in teams of 4. Stand the Yikerz upright for increased magnetism and danger for your opponent's next turn! But beware, that play could backfire on your next turn.

The possibilities and variations are endless - and so is the fun! So join the millions all over the world playing Yikerz, and master your own level of skill!

Yikerz Video - Click Play To See It In Action

-Recommended for Ages 14+

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Brand SimplyCool
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Yikerz Reviews

I purchased this to add to

By: martinairish on 20 October 2011
I purchased this to add to the games available in the Board games club at school. It has instantly become the greatest draw card for attracting new members. Everyone who sees it wants to play. Those playing want to play it again. Good thing I also got the addon pack.


By: GM & HJ FORD on 1 August 2011
Arrived on day 4 and we are all happy both with the game and the service/delivery. Our very grateful thanks.


By: DeborahA on 27 July 2010
Hi guys, I just have to let everyone know just how much fun Yikerz is! Bought this for my hubby from you guys and it has been loved by everyone who's played it. From quick games to drawn out battles, everyone from all ages has loved it! Thanks for finding it coolthings!

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