Introducing the Xtendo Man Twin Pack, two lovable little characters that each have a unique personality and story to tell. With their little round faces adorned with distinctive graphics and spiky coloured hair, there are 6 cool colours to collect and a total of 20 different male and female characters combined in the series.

As an advancement of the successful Magno Man Pack by Peter Fish that is widely known by many dedicated collectors around the world, your bendable Xtendo Men come complete with concertina arms and lefts tipped with Velcro, that can attach easily to clothing or to popular brick building systems such as Lego!

So start your collection of Xtendo Men today with a twin pack. You can use them in your Lego constructions, trade them with your friends, or simply decorate your bedroom with a range of wacky characters with wicked emotive grins. You may even received a rare-coloured character such as the Black Emperor or Rainbow Warrior*!

Your Xtendo Men have four unique features:
- Their arms and legs, being extendable, are able to pose in new ways.
- Their hands have interchangeable components which allows them to stand and be a part of a construction system.
- Accessories and separate Xtendo components (not included) can be clipped into their hands to enhance Xtendo play.
- Their flexible mid-section allows action play patterns such as ball-throwing and boxing.

The rest is limited only by your imagination, so collect them all today!

Not recommended for children under 3 years.
Characters and colours chosen at random, building blocks not included.
*Some special and highly sought after limited editions may be chosen, it is luck of the draw and we cannot guarantee this.

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.360kg

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