World's Smallest Chatter Telephone

World's Smallest Chatter Telephone Packaging
World's Smallest Chatter Telephone
Classic toys go tiny!
  • A favourite toy for generations
  • It's seen only a few small changes over time
  • But this is the smallest version ever made!
  •
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Classic toys go tiny!

Ring ring! What were some of your favourite childhood toys?

Do you remember the age-old Chatter Telephone? It definitely stands out as a classic in my mind!

Dialing up fun since 1961, the iconic Fisher Price toy has returned in miniature form. In fact, it's the smallest version ever created!

With the same friendly face, rotating dial, ringing sound, and eyes that move when the wheels click along, it's the perfect addition to your child's party loot bag! Play with it or keep it in its packaging as a cool collector's item, either way, it makes a great stocking stuffer or baby shower gift!

Please note: The rotating dial does not make the noise like the original.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.
Licensed Fisher Price merchandise.
Dimensions: 3.8cm (h) x 5.1cm (w)


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