Can you get to the treasure first?

With this Word Pirates Dicecapades game you can roll and spell your way to victory!

Roll the dice and spell a word to advance through the shark-infested waters. Roll a four-letter word to earn the eye-patch and the first player to reach the Treasure while wearing the eye-patch wins!

This pirate party hit comes complete with the eye-patch needed to play, along with a game board, pirate ship player pawns, letter dice and easy-to-follow rules!

It's a fun and interesting educational board game that makes a great family game night choice because the randomness of what letters might be rolled helps level the playing field between adults and kids.

Everyone will enjoy the challenge of rearranging the dice to make words, and what's even better is that as you play and have fun, you're learning to build your vocabulary and improve your spelling.

Perfect for the home or classroom, Word Pirates is the perfect gift idea for game and word lovers alike!

  Word Pirates Specifications

Barcode # 689623007452
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.32kg

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