Brighten up your evening ride with this Bicycle Spoke Light that installs easily in the spokes of your wheel!

Perfect for riding at night or in darker areas, your Spoke Light contains a bright, colour-changing LED that will create a spectacular circle of light as your wheel rotates. Housed inside a durable waterproof casing, push the centre of your Spoke Light to cycle through the settings and change the speed of your lights to fast flash, slow or glow! You'll love how it traces an arc of light as your wheel spins along!

Installing your light is a breeze, simply line up both of the grooves on the centre part of your light with your spokes and gently push it into place! If you need to change the battery, simply pull the top off the casing, slide the battery out of it's housing and replace before pushing the top back on.

Your pack contains 1 x Wheelies Bicycle Spoke Light.

Requires 1 x CR2032 battery (included and replaceable).

  All the cool Wheelies Bicycle Spoke Light Specifications

Barcode # 9341570005578
Shipping Weight 0.10kg

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