Ever feel the need to just punch something?

Do you find yourself getting so frustrated sometimes that you can barely contain yourself?

Well, with this Wham-It Anti Stress Device you can let go of all your anger and stress issues once and for all!

This 1 metre tall inflatable punching device is the perfect prescription for stress, and a great source of laughter. With a little physical exertion you can let go of all your work, home or relationship worries, giving you the best medicine we've found ƒ?? laughter!

Weighted at the bottom, the Wham-It comes complete with detailed instructions and suggestions on the back of where and why you'd use it.

These steps include:
1. Inflate Wham-It
2. Position Wham-It in an unrestricted area to allow maximum recoil capabilities.
3. Assume proper mental state, take appropriate stance and focus on your aggravation.
4. Proceed to vent stress on Wham-It.
5. Experience relief and sense of accomplishment (if not satisfied, repeat steps 2-5 and inflict greater abuse on Wham-It).

What will you do next time you're angry? Wham-It!!

Barcode # 026927235028
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 2.192kg

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