Ready, aim, fire!

Have the upper hand in your Summer time combat with this wonderful Water Bomb Military Set.

Perfect for those kids or adults that take their water fights as seriously as war, the Military Set gives you 150 bright green water bombs made from natural latex rubber!

Fill the balloons with water using the superfast filler nozzle and tie them with the easy quick knot attachment! You'll be ready for warfare in no time, a lot quicker than your opponents (as long as they don't have a Water Bomb Military Set too)!

This spectacular set includes a handy bag to carry your bombs in, the filler nozzle, sealing clips and what's even better ƒ?? they're packaged in a very cool grenade shape!

So get prepared for your Summer battles with the Water Bomb Military Set!

ƒ??Grenade' dimensions: 17cm x 12cm x 5cm

  Water Bomb Military Set Specifications

Barcode # 9318051080874
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.12kg

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