Wall Art Stickers - Butterflies Small

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What little girl doesn't love Butterflies and Flowers? With these Room Decor Self Adhesive Wall Stickers her room can become a fantasy garden, where all sorts of adventures can happen - her imagination can take her away to stories of secret gardens and fairies and princesses.

Using these stickers is so easy! You remove them from the backing paper and place them on a clean smooth surface such as a wall or cupboard. There is no need to worry about making a mistake, because you simply remove the sticker carefully and place it in another spot. Why not get your kids involved in helping put their "story" onto the wall?

This Butterfly Sticker Pack contains 6 large butterflies and one smaller butterfly in different colour combination's of purple, pink, blue, green and orange. Together with 8 small flower stickers will let you create a wonderful scene in a room, on a toybox, or dress up the cupboard doors.

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Recommended for ages 3 and up due to small parts.
Stickers range from 2cm x 2cm to 14cm x 14cm.
Use on clean and dry surfaces only (preferably one that does not come into contact with direct heat or water on a regular basis).
Follow directions to re-use the stickers.


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