This wonderfully gooey slime comes in a handy test tube!

Simply empty the contents of the test tube into a bowl and add 220ml of water for instant slimy fun. When you add water to the polymers in the slime powder, it helps link the polymer molecules together. When enough of the molecules get hooked together, the solution changes into slime!

What to do: Push your fingers very slowly into the slime. They should easily slide in with little resistance. Now push them in very fast! They will be much harder to push in with greater resistance. Slime is neither a solid, liquid or gas, instead, it's a sheer-thickening fluid so its viscosity decreases under stress. When you apply pressure it becomes more solid.

You tube contains information about slime and how it works. Knead it together to play!

Available in 4 fantastic colours (yellow, blue, pink or green - chosen at random).

Please note: If you have a particular colour preference, please make a note in your order comments and we'll do our best to fulfil your request based on availability.

Each sold separately.

  Viscoelastic Slime Test Tube Specifications

Barcode # 9341570005967
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.10kg

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