Does the queen of your household need a better way to be woken up in the morning?

Well, she's sure to wake up to the classic metal bells that emanate from this Vintage Queen Alarm Clock!

A very stylish twist on an old-fashioned alarm clock, this traditional time-keeper will look great in any bedroom, bathroom, living area, or office.

The Vintage Queen Alarm Clock is made from glass and grey steel, featuring a quartz movement, black hour and minute hand and a regal red second hand.

Created by the popular homewares brand Universal, this creative clock has easy-to-use mechanisms on the back to set the time or alarm. Simply slot one AA battery into the back and you're ready to share the delight!

Dimensions: 12.1cm x 6cm x 16.8cm

  Vintage Queen Alarm Clock Specifications

Barcode # 9319175393611
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.42kg

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