Keeping your desk clean and tidy can be a real problem these days.

With paperwork piling up, there is little chance you'll have time to give your work surface the once over...

What you need is a gadget - something to go alongside the USB Desktop Fan and USB Paper Shredder.

This ingenious little USB device miniaturises a retro 70's style brown upright vacuum cleaner! Just plug it in to any USB port then watch and listen as the small motor powers up and sucks the dust away!

When you're done with your novelty cleaning, simply wrap the cable around the holds on the handle, just like you would a real vacuum cleaner!

Simply empty the dust by removing the top half of the vacuum cleaner and giving it a shake.

This fantastic computer vac works with either USB1 or USB2 ports and is compatible with all operating systems including Windows Vista.

Dimensions: USB Desk Vac: 20cm x 6cm x 9.5cm.
Cable: (approx.) 120cm.

Barcode # 5032331021015
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.120kg

USB Desk Vac Reviews

I gave this little thing to a neatfreak that I wor

By: Barbara B on 25 September 2009
I gave this little thing to a neatfreak that I work with. Fortunately she has a sense of humour and was really amazed that it actually works! She uses it everyday!! HAHA

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