Kick off your summer with a competitive game of soccer in or out of the pool - it's a great way to stay cool in the sun!

The Underwater Soccer Ball is uniquely designed so that the ball will glide and stay under water as you play.

Inflate the ball (with water) to neutral buoyancy and it will remain light enough for you to kick around! WOW!

Ideal for anyone, young or old, the Underwater Soccer Ball is a fantastic way for you to exercise and get your kicks in the pool - think of all the muscles you'll build up!

So gather your friends and family together and form a mini soccer league. Why not set up some nets for some friendly competition?! (not included).

Each pack contains 1 x Soccer Ball and 1 x Universal Hose adapter.

The Underwater Soccer Ball is one of the world's finest underwater toys. Follow the instruction to inflate the ball just right:

1. Slip the rubber connector over the end of your hose.
2. Turn the water on slowly so that the connector doesn't disengage from the hose.
3. Fill the ball slowly with water with the air cap hole open - this will release the air while filling.
4. Continue to fill the ball until water sprays out of the air valve hole.
5. Close the water valve and then the air valve when the ball is fully inflated!

Check out our video to see it in action!

Recommended for ages 6 and up.
Children should always swim with adult supervision.
Made from heavy, thick and durable vinyl.
Approximately 23cm in diameter.

Barcode # 833211002361
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.190kg

Underwater Soccer Ball Reviews

underwater soccer ball

By: Patricia on 30 March 2012
This is just the greatest gift as my 2 grandsons aged 7 and 10 play soccer and will just be thrilled to be able to play in the pool..Thank you Patricia

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