Your handy Pocket Man Cave Storage Tin is a mini cave for all your manly tools and belongings! Everything you see below is included in your tin; that's everything you need to prepare for any situations, from mechanical mishaps, to outback survival, to just having a drink with your mates on the weekend! Now you just have to remember all of their applications...

10 in 1 Credit Card Multitool: A credit card sized multi-tool that is slim, portable and fits in your wallet. That's right, you can fit three different wrenches, a can opener, screwdriver, saw blade, knife, ruler, bottle opener and a directional ancillary indicator into a slot in your wallet, and still have room to fit the rest of your cards, cash and miscellaneous receipts!

The Survivor Handitool: Your stylish chrome Handitool has 7 important functions that will help you save the day. Just think of all those times you wish you had a screwdriver handy to replace the batteries in your garage door remote, a torch to find that screw that rolled under the toolbox, or a bottle opener when someone hands you a pop top beverage!

6 in 1 Pen Tool: Your 6 in 1 Pen Tool not only functions as a writing implement, but also contains five other fundamental tools that will help you go straight from the blueprints to completing a project. Featuring a level, ruler, stylus, Philips and flat-head screwdriver, you'll be on top of those pesky household chores in no time!

Extendo Torch: Your handy extendable torch has super bright LED lights and extends up to 49cm long! With a rubber handle so you won't lose your grip, it's perfect for all of those times when you need it most! Lost a bolt when working on your engine? No problem. Lost your paperclips behind the filing cabinet? Easy fix!

  Ultimate Man Cave Kit Specifications

SKU PK-2946
Brand CoolThings Australia

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