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20 Minutes Has Never Looked So Cool!
  • Working wind up alarm mechanism.
  • Rubber-band motor timer function.
  • Cool roller pendulum & amplitude system.
  •
20 Minutes Has Never Looked So Cool!

The UGears Timer is one of coolest fully functional models in the UGEARS range and can be set for any timing duration between 1 and 20 minutes.

Once constructed this unique looking Wooden Timer has a working wind up alarm mechanism that will be set off when time runs out. After construction you simply set the Timer's rubber band-powered counter hand, wind up the alarm, and then watch the relaxing and elegant clockwork tick away until the alarm tells you its time to do it all again.

The UGears Timer has been redesigned and rebuilt many times by the UGears team in order to achieve perfection in timing, which of course is important when keeping time. Full easy to follow picture based instructions for construction are included and as like all UGears models all the pieces slot together without having to use glue or nasty chemicals.

You'll love the UGears Timer as a classic and cool addition to your office desk or lounge room and it sure to get you a "WOW".

Size Model: 173mm * 80mm * 256mm
Number of model components: 107
Estimated time of construction: 3-4 hours
Suitable for Ages: 12+


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  Build the timer over the last

Build the timer over the last two days and I'm very pleased! Works like a charm and was a real pleasure to build. Watching it tick quietly away is truly calming and pleasing :-). Thanks

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