With the UGears Robot Factory you get everything you need to become a master robot builder.

Know someone who loves robots and you want to start them off on a career of robot building? The team at Ugears latest Robot Factory kit gives you the opportunity to do just that!

The Ugears Robot Factory is very much what of its name implies: it is a model of a factory that produces robots, its a cool and wondereous feat of wooden mechanics.

The model features a steampunk style workshop with a functional assembly line to help you build your robots: arrange the parts of the robot in proper places along the line, wind it up, push the button, and – voila! – your automatic assembly line produces a mechanical wooden robot, all new and ready to serve whatever ingenious game plan you have in mind.

The settings of the Robot Factory Model represent a production facility with its main mechanical block running on Geneva drive. The assembly line is designed to automatically implement a semi knock-down assembly of robots. After initial preparation, the wind-up mechanism of the line will complete the assembly. The Factory design allows you to observe moving axles and gears working on the final product. In the end, all you need to do is to throw in a couple of gears to fix the robot’s arms and legs in place, and your new mechanical assistant is ready to go explore Mars or – help you to put another one like itself together!

The Robots have articulated legs and arms joints, capable of body rotation and come with a control cabin.

The rest of the Factory includes a monorail running along the perimeter with a forklift to deliver spare parts and tools, a ramp for the vehicles, miniature figures of workers, and small freight crates. To make the spirit of a solid industrial facility complete, the Factory is equipped with a fascinating decorative Stirling steam engine.

Made of plywood to be assembled without glue or special tools. The Robot Factory Model opens a whole new level of interactivity: Ugears traditionally provides an ever-exciting process of assembly expanding the gaming constituent now with the machines building machines!

Number of component parts: 598 - Build time 10-12 hours

Barcode # 4820184120662
Shipping Weight 1.700kg

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