Discover the principles of a real working pendulum with this interactive UGears STEM Lab Pendulum kit!

With no glue or special tools required, pop out the laser-cut pieces and follow the instructions to assemble your model.

Once your model is complete, your pendulum will be powered by a rubber band, and works just like those found in real-life clock mechanisms!

The main part of your model includes an anchor escapement that controls the frequency of your pendulum's oscillations.

You will also receive and assemble a weight, scape-wheel, gearing, ratchet and pawl for reducing operation error!

Just like all UGears models, everything you need to build, learn and discover is included inside the box.

Download the UGears app, then use the included QR code to download an in-depth study guide with interesting tasks to help you learn!

Your kit includes: 92 high quality laser-cut wooden parts and a step-by-step colour instruction manual.

Assembled Dimensions: 11.5cm x 8.3cm x 16.7cm

Approximate assembly time 1-2 hours).

Recommended for ages 8 and up (adult assistance may be required for children on the younger end of the scale).


  UGears STEM Lab Pendulum Specifications

Barcode # 4820184121041
Shipping Weight 0.49kg

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