Introducing the all-wooden mechanical Ugears Monowheel that's just rolled into the Ugears collection!

This single-wheel mechanism is a peculiar working model, built like a skeleton so that you can enjoy it’s inner workings.

In it's most basic form, your Monowheel is a mechanical wheel that is powered entirely by rubber bands!

It has a moving outer element, and a stationary mechanism on the inside, imitating that of a real steam engine.

While it looks somewhat delicate, it is surprisingly sturdy, meaning you can take it outside and roll it around on the concrete!

Coming with 300 parts (including 19 spare parts), your model also consists of two working modes:

Mode one:

  • Lock in the feet for uninterrupted rolling in a straight line for 1.5 to 2 metres.
  • Once the rubber band motor’s resource is exhausted, it will turn around gracefully and stop!

Mode two:

  • With the feet in the unlocked position, your Monowheel will continue to roll ahead while the rubber-band motor is working.
  • Once this is complete, it will turn around and keep rolling until it runs into an obstacle.
  • In this mode it can cover up to 5 metres, just like a bowling ball!

Like all Ugears models, your Monowheel comes with step-by-step full colour instructions and doesn't require glue or tools to assemble!

Assembled dimensions: 18.5cm x 9.5cm x 16cm

Estimated assembly time: 3 hours

Recommended for ages 14 and up.


  UGears Monowheel Specifications

Barcode # 4820184120990
Shipping Weight 0.80kg

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