Introducing the Ugears Globus, an entire world of mechanical marvels right at your fingertips!

Your stylised model of Earth rotates on its axis, showing off a really cool set of decorative continents.

Like most UGears models, the Globus is animated by means of a rubber-band motor and a winding mechanism.

However in this instance, you must pull a lever in the base to wind it up, releasing it to let the gears begin their work!

Use the reduction mechanism to slow down the spinning of your globe, or turn it by hand to watch the continents move slowly by.

In addition to the main Globus module, your model comes with two additional interchangeable modules that circle around your globe.

Choose between the Shuttle and the Sputnik satellites to move around via the planetary gearing!

Watch as they rotate almost twice as fast as your globe spins in one pull of the winding lever!

Your kit contains: 184 high quality pre-cut plywood pieces, cut with high-precision lasers.

There is no glue or additional tools are required to assemble your Globus.

Assembled dimensions: 21cm x 18.5cm x 18.5cm.

Difficulty level: Easy (approximate assembly time 4 hours).


  UGears Globus Specifications

Barcode # 4820184121096
Shipping Weight 0.79kg

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