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Wish your house was by the beach or know someone who does?

Is it by the beach and you want to celebrate that fact?

Well these Sea Life Trash Art stickers are the perfect thing for you!

Add a touch of the beach to your home and stand out from the crowd this summer. You’re guaranteed to have the most original wheelie bin in your street, distinguishable from your neighbour’s.

Totally waterproof and lots of fun, this set of Trash Art stickers comes complete with two sheets of sea life animals and shells, as well as a sheet of numbers and a sheet of letters to help identify your home.

Great for any smooth surface such as the glass of windows or your garage door, these Trash Art stickers are for more than just your trash! Simply select a clean and dry surface, peel the stickers back and position on your desired surface. Once you’re happy with the spot you’ve picked press down firmly and your stickers will stay until you want to pick them off.

So why not celebrate your individuality today?

Stickers shown on wheelie bin shown image are for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect actual size.
Sealife sticker sheet dimensions: 36cm x 27cm
Letter/number sticker sheet dimensions: 34cm x 20cm

Also available in the Trash Art range: Butterfly , Dog , Flower .


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